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Get traffic solutions for Advertisers
developers and Media Buyers
on CPA, CPI, CPC and CPM basis.

Monetize your Webcontent with CPAGet,

GoWide will consolidate all your monetizing efforts in one place

and deliver stellar ROI results.

About Us


CPAGet is leading innovative global affiliate network and advertising platform. CPAGet Provide its publishers with high quality mobile app install campaigns with high conversion rates paying on CPC, CPA and CPM basis.

ROI Optimization
High Quality Campaigns

Advertise with Us

Performance Marketing

In our CPA stream, You pay for completed leads, sales or signups only.

All revenue models

Our affiliates are working in all cost modules like CPA, CPI, CPL and CPC.

Global Lead Generation

Our Affiliates are spread all over the world to find global conversions for you.

All kind of Traffic

Incent and Non-incent, both the app offers are running in our network

Quality Assurance

Quality is our first priority and it is assured here.

No Fraudelent Performance

We have a bird eye view on affiliates who generate leads, signups or installs fraudulently.



with the lightening fast support system, our account managers are dedicated to help you out in your monetization decisions and traffic planning.


the variety of offers and a huge list of campaigns in all categories makes us unique in the market.


90% revenue is shared to provide affiliates with qualitative and high paying offers. we allow affiiates from all countries to come and entertain the high paying offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPAGet?

CPAGet is a CPA Affiliate Marketing Network Working Between Advertisers And Affiliates Providing Zero Risk , We also provide Content locker,link locker and many Marketing Tools for Affiliates.

Who is an Advertiser?

Advertiser is simply a merchant who is selling his product and paying publishers for the traffic they are sending on his website.

Do we Accept International Affiliates?

Of-course we accept affiliates from any location.

How long it will take to get approved?

It can take about 72hours to be approved.

When and How will I get paid?

Affiliates payment are sent on NET30, Net 15,Weekly schedule. For example, money you earned in January will be paid to you on 30th, February.Payment will be sent via PAYPAL, Skrill, Western Union,Check

Who is an Affiliate?

Simply an Affiliate is like a marketing agent who is promoting his merchant’s product on his Website or by his Email List.

How does CPAGet fit in with Affiliates and Advertisers?

We connects Advertiser with the best affiliates who can generate maximum output for the Advertiser from their websites. Here we provide best offers to fit for any kind of traffics.

How will I get Approved?

After your application, we will reach you on your mobile and conduct a telephonic interview and you will be asked some questions about your experiences. If you are found eligible you will be approved.

What Promotional Methods are Allowed?

We accept all traffic types like Social,PPC,Search,link locking, content locking, web, Email Marketing, Incentive and Non-incent traffic.

Supported Platforms

we are on social media